Impressive WordPress Stats Worth Mentioning

WordPress has been a staple for Bucey Software with most of our clients. Many clients that I talk to have at least heard about WordPress and know that it's a content management system (CMS). What they don't know is how powerful it is and how many major companies utilize the tool! 

While WordPress was primarily known as a "bloggers tool", it has quickly become the go-to for freelancers and major corporations to run their responsive websites.

WordPress powers approximately 25% of the world's websites, including some major companies like NASA, The Wall Street Journal, Boomberg, Google, and Sony, just to name a few.

"13 Impressive WordPress Stats Worth Bookmarking for Clients" by Raelene Morey, of WPMU DEV, highlights many unique WordPress stats you had no idea about.

It’s safe to say WordPress is no longer just a blogging tool – it’s by far the most popular content management system online and we’ve got the numbers to back it up.
— Raelene Morey, WPMU DEV